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Grisette Macvin-Griottes

Grisette Macvin-Griottes

VAT Included

A grisette is a beer style originally brewed for the miners, thus the term ‘gris’ which means grey. It was brewed and drunk to quench thirst so is light in alcohol and refreshing.

This Grisette was fermented on a starter made with our apples in a Macvin barrel that we got from Julien Mareschal in the Jura (Domaine de la Borde, Pupillin). It matured for 20 months in that same barrel and we added fresh sour cherries towards the end to add a bit of texture and sourness.

At 4,8% Vol it is a super fresh, highly digestible beer with the typical oxidative and caramelized fruit notes from the Macvin barrel.

4.8% Vol

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