Our Beers

We produce beers that we want to drink, whilst working as much as possible with independent local producers, respectful of the living to reflect the different terroirs of Brittany.


Breton organic hop farming is flourishing and little by little we hope to only work with flowers and pellets grown here. Until then we also use hops from other independant growers. Our grains come from committed Breton farms and are processed without additives by an authentic malt house in the Morbihan.


To avoid the pollution cocktail of nitrates/pesticides/herbicides/fungicides in our beers, we filter our water, and if we wish to flavor our worts, we use fresh fruit or herbs cultivated naturally.


We brew on a 1000L kit designed and made in Scotland. Our beers are then fermented and aged in various vessels like barriques, demijohns and stainless steel tanks.


None of the beers are filtered or fined, and as for our spent grains and farm waste, we collaborate with local farmers and a handful of lucky piggies have a feast!


All available in cans and on demand in 30L kegs.


A lighter session IPA at 4% ABV

Table Beer


Showcasing single hop aromas: we brew the same base recipe every time but dry hop each batch with a different variety.

Packed with oats, this beer has got texture, lots of flavour and freshness.

Pale Ale


A bright beer, sometimes flavored with fresh fruit and occasionally aged in barrels.



A dry Oatmeal Stout, lightly carbonated and packed with aromas of coffee, dark chocolate and biscuit.



Spontaneous fermentations in various vessels, aged for several months and sometimes years, then blended before bottling.



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