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Who are we?

Line & Fabien, a team of 2, partners in life & in business.

It all started in the UK where we both developed a passion for craft beer & natural wine.

In 2021 after 12 years in England, we moved back to Brittany where we set up our independent brewery & orchard.

What do we produce?

Organic, hop-forward, fresh and flavourful beers. Everyday kind of beer conditioned in-house in cans or keg and also wild fermented beers aged in wine barrels and demijohns.


All our beers are vegan, unfiltered & unpasteurised, made as much as possible with ingredients grown & sourced locally.


We also make small batches of cider from the apple trees on the farm.

Looking for our beer?

Available straight from our brewery tap on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays from April to September & at retailers, restaurants and bars around Brittany.


If you cannot make it here, we can ship anywhere in Europe, just contact us direct via email or phone.


We also have e-gift cards; a great way to send beer to someone special.

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